Treatments with Biologique Recherche products

The Biologique Recherche method is based on over 40 years of experience using innovative products and precise protocols. The products are formulated with a high concentration of active ingredients derived from natural or biotechnological compounds, with no added fragrances.

The cosmetic procedure is always preceded by a personal skin diagnosis (suitable for both men and women), during which a unique analysis of the skin condition is carried out for each client.


Diagnostics of skin condition

A first step in the Biologique Recherche method is this unique analysis of the epidermis of the skin.

Visual and Tactile Diagnostics - Free with product or therapy purchase.

With the Skin Instant Lab | BGN 70 - The Skin Instant©Lab device consists of 5 precise measurement probes (hydration, invisible water loss, elasticity, pigmentation, sebometer) connected to a computer running exclusively developed diagnostic and analysis software by Biologique Recherche. Based on dermo-cosmetic analysis by an expert and performing objective measurements, the Skin Instant© Lab - relying on the Biologique Recherche database - offers a selection of Biologique Recherche products and therapies that perfectly match the skin condition. When purchasing products or therapy worth over BGN 300, it is free.

VIP O2 | 45 min. / BGN 110

A luxurious and balancing therapy that oxygenates the epidermis, tightens pores, and improves regeneration. Makes the complexion radiant and even.

SOIN OXYGENANT VIP O2 | 60 min. / BGN 160

A balancing procedure for saturating the epidermis with oxygen and relaxing the facial features, which makes the skin radiant and healthy.

SOIN LISSANT | 60 min. / BGN 160

Restructuring, restorative therapy for delicate and sensitive skin. Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, soothes, hydrates the epidermis, evens out the complexion. It has a lifting effect.

LIFT C.V.S | 60 min. / BGN 160

Restructuring facial complex. An exfoliating and lifting procedure that combines toning and shaping techniques. Sculpts the contour and tightens the face oval.

SOIN MC 110 | 60 min. / BGN 160

A plumping, exfoliating and renewing treatment for all skin conditions. Tones and hydrates the epidermis. Removes fine lines and wrinkles. It has a filling effect.

SEBO-REEGUILIBRANT | 45 мин. / 120 - 150 лв.

Процедурата се препоръчва за кожа със себорея или тенденции към акне и разширени пори. Регулира мастната секреция, почиства и стяга порите, успокоява епидермиса и ускорява лечението на редица дерматологични проблеми.

SOIN HYDRECLAT | 45 min. / BGN 110

The procedure restores the protective function of the epidermis, restores elasticity, cleans and tones the skin. It makes it smoother and rejuvenated.

SECOND PEAU | 60 min. / BGN 400

Revolutionary 3D mask made of nanofibers with 80% hyaluronic acid. The combination with a regenerating, smoothing and lifting serum allows immediate erasure of the signs of age. A true alternative to injection procedures. A course of three treatments for one month is recommended. You get a 10% discount when doing the full course.


Restores and strengthens the protective barrier functions of the epidermis, makes the skin
softer, inspires it with "new life". The therapy is recommended for faster recovery after aesthetic and dermatological procedures.

BIOSENSIBLE | 60 min. / BGN 150

A procedure to restore particularly sensitive and damaged skin conditions. Your skin is soothed and protected.

TOLESKIN | 60 min. / BGN 210

Specially developed therapy for intolerant skin conditions. The "Toleskin" soothing booster desensitizes the epidermis to improve its tolerance threshold and protect it in its encounters with daily stress.

SOIN ERYTHROS | 45 мин. / 150 лв.

Видимо намалява зачервяванията, причинени от розацея и предотвратява появата на симптомите. Регулира съдообразуването и съдоразширяването. Облекчава усещането за опънатост, укрепва и реструктурира епидермиса и осигурява усещане за комфорт.


This intensive therapy tightens, tones and renews the skin. It has an instant glow and is ideal after aesthetic and dermatological interventions.


A therapy that works wonders for the most demanding skin. Its regenerating properties, thanks to caviar combined with the effectiveness of collagen, make the skin smooth, moisturized, nourished and firm.


The procedure is recommended for skin with seborrhea or tendencies towards acne and enlarged pores. Regulates sebum secretion, cleans and tightens pores, soothes the epidermis and accelerates the treatment of a number of dermatological problems.


Cleansing and renewing care for thick, seborrheic or hyper-keratinized skin. Softens and tones the epidermis. Lightens pigment spots. Smoothes and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Recommended course of 3 therapies in 1 month. You get a 10% discount when doing the full course.


A procedure designed for devitalized, tired conditions. With an immediate, long-lasting and firming effect. Thanks to the use of marine elements and minerals, the facial skin is toned.

P50 VISAGE | 60 min. / BGN 160

This therapy is designed for dense, wrinkled skins that have lost elasticity and have uneven pigmentation. Evens out the complexion. Result - tightens the oval of the face and "fills" the skin. It has a regenerating effect.

BR - needleless mesotherapy with "REMODELING FACE" Apparatus - electroporation with "COCKTAIL D'ACTIFS RÉGÉNRANTS" | 60 min. / BGN 290

An intensive procedure that activates epidermal regeneration and revitalizes the skin. Abundant with vitamins and active ingredients extracted using the most advanced biotechnologies, this cocktail provides multi-beneficial results, even in cases of the most devitalized skin conditions. The combination of an active regenerating cocktail and the "REMODELING FACE" device - electroporation stimulates and activates cell regeneration, protects against the harmful effects of free radicals and activates the protective functions of the skin, while improving epidermal moisture and tone. Innovative method of needleless mesotherapy.

BR - Triple lifting and "REMODELING FACE" apparatus | 100 min. / BGN 300

A resculpting procedure that combines two exfoliating, restoring and lifting boosters with the use of the Remodeling Face® device. Complex therapy for remodeling and filling the volume of the face.

Mesotherapy with Micro Puncture Lab device with "COCKTAIL D'ACTIFS RÉGÉNÉRANTS" | 60 min. / BGN 290

This method is based on surface micro-stimulations. The active regenerating cocktail is enhanced with active ingredients and includes the most advanced biotechnological developments. The skin is smoothed, fine lines and wrinkles disappear, and skin imperfections such as scars and blemishes are reduced. A course of three treatments for one month is recommended. You get a 10% discount when doing the full course.

Мезотерапия 3 бр., регенерираща терапия Biologique Recherche Micro- puncture Lab с COCKTAIL D‘ACTIFS RÉGÉNÉRANTS" | 1050 лв.

Този метод се основава на повърхностни микро-стимулации. Активният регенериращ коктейл е подсилен с активни съставки и включва най-напреднали био технологични разработки. Кожата е изгладена, фините линии и бръчки изчезват, а недостатъците по кожата, като белези и петна, са намалени.


Процедура за моделиране и стягане на лицето с апарат Remodeling face. Подобрява проникването на активните съставки на продуктите Biologique Recherche.

SUPER BOOSTER REMODELING FACE включва целеви серум | 60 мин. / 230 лв.

Процедура за моделиране и стягане на лицето с апарат Remodeling face. Подобрява проникването на активните съставки на продуктите Biologique Recherche. Включва целеви серум.

AUTHOR MASSAGE | 30 min. / BGN 70

Draining and sculpting and lifting massage - Anélie


Mask Pigm 400 | BGN 90

A skin-evening mask to prevent and reduce dark spots. Illuminates and illuminates your complexion.

Mask Biovecteur Marin | BGN 110

Mask Collagene Cavier | BGN 110

Mask Feerie | BGN 110

For even more visible results, the application of a pre-formed collagen mask adapted to the shape of your face can be added for a specific and intensive treatment.


To stop the effects of aging. An intensive therapy that activates collagen production through intra-epidermal microstimulation helps fight premature signs of skin aging.

Patches Defatigante | BGN 70

Removes bags, dark circles and fine lines. The traces of the years disappear instantly.


Platysma | BGN 80

Toleskin | BGN 100

Soothes and improves the skin's tolerance threshold and protects it in the face of daily stress.

Remodeling Face | BGN 90

Lifted eyelids, accentuated eye shape, more prominent cheekbones, pointed chin, less visible wrinkles – these are some of the magical effects achieved with Remodeling Face®. High-tech biostimulation for personalized results. Remodeling Face® combines the power of four types of current (galvanic, medium and high frequency and electroporation) for immediate and long-lasting results.

Remodeling Face Oxygenation | BGN 50

The application of the mask is combined with electrical stimulation using the Remodeling Face®

Remodeling Face® with Electroporation | BGN 90

Strengthens the epidermis. The Remodeling Face® module with electroporation – high frequency pulsating current – ​​makes the surface layer of the epidermis more permeable, thus increasing the bioavailability of the serums with their high dose of active ingredients.

Cold Mask + cryostick massage | BGN 70

Mentonieri | BGN 90

For face and jaw remodeling. Chin straps help to reshape the face and jawline through their action on the contours of the face and neck. Gives an immediate and lasting lifting effect.

Pen | BGN 50

Works more precisely on wrinkles and fine lines. Designed for use on targeted areas of the face. We irrigate it with concentrated serums.

Super Booster Remodeling Body | BGN 90

Fruit acids | BGN 50


Soin Revitalisant Pigmentaires | 30 min. / BGN 80

Revitalizing therapy for hands with pigment spots.

Soin Renovateur Mains | 30 min. / BGN 70

Restorative therapy for softer and gentler hands. Suitable for damaged and dry hands.


Възстановяваща процедура за крака. Комбинирайки ексфолиране, нанасяне на хидратираща маска и моделиращ масаж, терапията обновява и разкрасява вашите крака.

"Heavy Legs" Therapy | 60 min. / BGN 160

Therapy includes drainage and stimulation. Strengthens the epidermis, helps to improve blood circulation, eliminates the feeling of "heavy legs". Provides a feeling of lightness, thanks to the thermal effect - warm/cold.

Exfoliating therapy New skin "GOMMAGE P50" | 60 min. / BGN 100

Freed from dead cells and impurities, the skin of your body is radiant, soft, even and toned.

DETOXIFIANTAUX ALGUES Algae Detox Therapy - Suitable for Pregnant Women | 60 min. / BGN 160

An exclusive procedure for restoring and harmonizing the silhouette, for toned, smoother and firmer skin. The procedure includes the application of an algae mask, followed by a massage. The thermal effect releases active ingredients of marine origin that remineralize, tone and detoxify the body.

Soin Renovateurdes Pieds | 30 min. / BGN 70

Restorative foot procedure. Combining exfoliation, application of a hydrating mask and modeling massage, the therapy renews and beautifies your feet.

Anti-cellulite and slimming therapy "CURE MINCEUR AU GANT" | 45 min. / BGN 150 | 60 min. / BGN 200 | 90 min / BGN 250

It stimulates microcirculation, breaks down fatty deposits, accelerates the elimination of toxins and excess fluids, tones and tightens the skin. The effectiveness of the therapy is multiplied by the use of a weight loss booster. We recommend a therapeutic cycle of 6 procedures over 2 months. You get a 10% discount when doing the full course.

масаж "ANTI-CELLULITE" | 40 мин. / 120 лв.

  • пакет от 5 масажа - 540 лв.
  • пакет от 10 масажа - 960 лв.


Oxygen strengthening therapy "SOIN OXYGENANT FORTIFIANT" | 60 min. / BGN 120

A procedure that oxygenates the scalp and strengthens the hair. A therapy of 5 sessions in a package with Micro-Puncture© is recommended for optimal results.

Fortifying Oxygen Therapy with Micro-Puncture Package© "FORFAIT SOIN OXYGENANT FORTIFIANT AVEC MICRO-PUNCTURE" | 60 min. / BGN 290

Micro-Puncture© therapy aims to revive tired scalp and hair that has lost its luster. A therapy of 5 sessions in a package combined with Cocktail d'Activs Régénérants will stimulate and revitalize hair growth. You get a 10% discount when doing the full course.

Seboregulating Therapy "SOIN SEBO-REGULATEUR" | 60 min. / BGN 120

Therapy for gentle cleansing and purification of the scalp. This procedure reduces and regulates the rate of sebum production.

Balancing therapy for dry dandruff "SOIN EQUILIBRANT PELICULES SECHES" | 60 min. / BGN 120

A rebalancing scalp therapy to deal with dry dandruff. This procedure gently removes flaking.

Balancing therapy for oily dandruff "SOIN EQUILIBRANT PELICULES GRASSES" | 60 min. / BGN 120

Rebalancing scalp therapy to tackle oily dandruff. This procedure gently removes flaking.

Exclusive Bespoke Treatments from Biologique Recherche


After four years of research, Biologique Recherche created a unique cosmetic care program, "Haute Couture". The program combines clinical
brand approach to beauty, with 6 months of personalized treatment leading to exceptional results.

"MINI HAUTE COUTURE" - 2 months of individually developed care after diagnosis of the current condition of the skin.

"HAUTE COUTURE" - 6 months of tailor-made care according to the personal condition of the skin after medical analysis.

Month 1: Preparation phase

This phase provides an opportunity to strengthen, soothe and rebalance the skin with Biologique Recherche facial products. After this stage, the skin is prepared for the personalized treatment, under the best possible conditions.

Month 2: Induction phase

The first package of products is delivered at the beginning of the second month. It includes a gentle treatment of the skin to meet its specific needs, to balance and prepare the epidermis for the next, more intensive treatment.

Months 3-5: Amplification Phase

The 3-month intensification phase is designed to address the underlying issues associated with the treated skin.

Month 6 and 7: Rebalancing phase

The last two boxes of kits help to stabilize the condition of the skin. The skin has been renewed and the specific problems have already been treated.

Final assessment
At the end of the 7th month, a comprehensive evaluation of the skin condition is performed by a dermatologist who completes the Haute Couture Program.

Program "MY BEAUTY DNA" | BGN 500

Discover the origin of your skin with DNA analysis. Through My Beauty DNA©, Biologique Recherche analyzes more than 600,000 skin-related genetic variations in order to determine personalized treatments and products best suited for each individual skin condition. My Beauty DNA analyzes your skin for 14 markers related to aging, sun sensitivity and environmental factors, as well as a skin profile. This analysis provides an overview of your genetic predispositions, helps to better understand the "inherited" needs of your skin, which are invisible to other diagnostic tools.

The procedure for diagnosing DNA deposits in the skin is relaxing and easy - a DNA sample is taken from the oral cavity, sent to a laboratory in the United States, and after a few weeks the secret of your skin is revealed, and the specialists of Biologique Recherche analyze the results and create a personalized program for skin care so as to avoid any negative skin predispositions embedded in your DNA.