Treatment Stage

The treatment stage includes products with the highest concentration of active ingredients to restore the epidermis and help increase its self-regeneration potential.

Hair conditioners and masks

Biologique Recherche conditioners and hair masks are silicone-free, restoring the outer cuticles of the hair shaft for smoother, shinier hair.

  • Baume Capillaire

    Smoothing conditioner for dry and exhausted hair

    A true boon for people with dry and damaged hair, Baume Capillaire is a triple-action product that detangles, smooths and protects the hair cuticle. It evens out the cuticle scales while covering the hair shaft in a protective sheath to prevent further external damage. Hair also becomes easier to comb. Gives the hair more vitality, shine and flexibility.

    Recommended for dry and damaged hair conditions.


    200 ml

Treatment serums

Biologique Recherche has developed a range of serums that provide comprehensive and intensive benefits for visible results. They are formulated with raw ingredients and are designed to effectively address specific hair problems such as hair loss and alopecia or to treat hyperseborrhea.

  • Complexe Cegaba + Bioproline

    Anti-hair loss serum

    It helps to anchor the hair so it is less prone to shedding. This intensive product fights hair loss.

    Recommended for thinning and sparse hair conditions.


    8ml, 30ml

Finishing serums

Finishing serums are the final touch during the procedure to protect the hair fiber and strengthen it. Strengthened and protected from daily environmental damage in this way, hair is shinier and more alive.

  • Huile Bénéfique

    Nourishing and beautifying face/body/hair oil

    A multi-purpose oil that gives equally remarkable results to the skin of the body and face, as well as to the hair. Its lipid-regenerating, anti-dehydrating active ingredients nourish and improve skin and hair.

    Recommended for skin that is tanned, dehydrated and/or with loss of lipids.


    30ml, 100ml

  • Lotion Kéractive

    Energizing hair lotion

    Contains moisturizing and protective plant extracts that strengthen hair fibers, making hair smoother and more beautiful. Its antioxidant and purifying ingredients cleanse the hair and protect it from everyday environmental damage.

    Recommended for dry and sensitive hair.


    150 ml

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